Where Living Comes Naturally.™

The valley in which Black Creek rests has been a natural place to call home since human beings first came upon it. Situated near the opening of the “Grand Canyon of the Tennessee River,” and well above the floods that often inundated the Chattanooga Valley, ancient Native Americans lived on this land for thousands of years. The lush and verdant upland valley between Raccoon and Lookout Mountains had, and still has, abundant wildlife, water and wide-open spaces. It was a natural place for Union troops to prepare for the assault on Lookout Mountain during the Civil War and became the home to one of Tennessee’s most powerful men, Judge Will Cummings, during the early 20th century.

It was the friendship between Franklin Roosevelt and Will Cummings that made the Cummings farm a frequent stop on the President’s trips to Warm Springs, GA, to treat his polio. It was here that the initial plans for the Tennessee Valley Authority were conceived. It’s also the place, according to legend, that Eleanor Roosevelt convinced Judge Cummings to introduce kudzu to the Southeast.

Today, Black Creek spans some 3,000 acres and is home to many, from the valley to the mountainside. Six breathtaking miles of hillside panorama just above downtown Chattanooga encompasses the fertile valley west of Lookout Mountain.

Perfectly Situated

Chattanooga sits just a couple of hours away from this area’s popular and exciting cities, including Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham, and Knoxville. And, the “Scenic City” offers plenty of outdoor activities and stunning vistas.

You’ll find miles of paved bicycle and pedestrian trails, as well as adventurous and maintained mountain biking trails. If you’re a rock climber, you’ve come to the perfect place. There’s also world-class hang gliding, exceptional bass and trout fishing, hiking, and picnicking on thousands of acres of US Park Service and privately conserved lands.

The Black Creek Club

The course is designed by Golf World’s Architect of the Year, Brian Silva, who’s been designing and reconfiguring existing courses more than 25 years. Black Creek is ranked among the Top 100 Residential Golf Courses by Golfweek magazine. It features 7,204 yards of non-stop golf with non-stop mountain views.

We also provide country club and club membership services that come with a number of exceptional amenities. These services include sports and recreation facilities for swimming, tennis, hiking, jogging, and golf. You’ll find well maintained swimming pools, tennis courts, natural hiking, jogging and nature trails, in addition to top-ranked golf courses.

The Club’s top-tier bar and restaurant offer complete banquet and reception services, which include social function facilities. Members can schedule and celebrate special occasions, such as weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries and other events. 

Black Creek’s High Standards

When you settle in to your new home at Black Creek, you settle in to a closely-knit community that cares about the integrity and natural beauty of the land and the homes that rest on it.

Black Creek’s homeowners association services are a reflection of that commitment. We support the interests and special values of homeowners in our specific communities. We also market to prospective new residents and property owners who believe in the importance of preserving the natural wonders of Black Creek.

Our real estate management of this unique community is always focused on maintaining the high standards of Black Creek and its residents, caring for the land and any future development. We will always keep you informed and honor the reasons you decided to call this place home.

Explore the Knoll

Coming soon is our next neighborhood- The Knoll. A neighborhood shaped by the contours of the land with surprising views of the city. Architecture that’s clean and fits in with its natural surroundings, while Lookout and Raccoon Mountains greet the sun in the morning and the stars at night. Experience it for yourself in Black Creek

The “Scenic City” Is in the News

There have been a number of news stories on the livability, culture, and natural beauty of this city. Chattanooga is becoming one of the country’s mid-city magnets. Come see for yourself.