Thu, September 19, 2019

Time is More Precious Than Money

by Doug Stein

If you lived at Black Creek, you could be here instead of stuck in traffic!

If you lived at Black Creek, you could be here instead of stuck in traffic!

“Time is more precious than money.”

You can spend the rest of your day reading about why this is so with a Google search, if you’d like. I’m not going to waste my time. I already know that this is one aphorism that I understand and know to be true!

Certainly, as I grow older, I don’t find myself wanting more money as much as I want more time!

What will you do with all that time?

If only I had figured it out when I was younger. But it’s never too late!

So let’s do some math:

If you choose to live 30 minutes from where you work, that’s an hour a day you are spending in a car.

5 days a week to work: 5 hours.

50 working weeks a year: 250 hours.

16 waking hours in a day, assuming 8 hours for sleeping and grooming: 15.625 days.

If you could shorten your commute by half, that’s almost 8 days a year that you could save!

And we’re not doing all the math for how much time it takes to drive to the grocery, the laundry, schools, shopping, the doctor, to eat out, go to a concert, or see a movie.

That’s why a place like Black Creek is so valuable: we’re less than15 minutes from an entire city filled with opportunities for work, pleasure or need.

At Black Creek, you are:

  • 8 minutes from downtown Chattanooga.

  • Minutes from several excellent schools, public and private.

  • 10 minutes from the movie theatre.

  • 10 minutes from Chattanooga’s concert halls and venues that have entertainment year-round, not to mention several outdoor festivals and concerts.

  • 10 -15 minutes from a wide variety of excellent restaurants.

  • 15 minutes from several excellent hospitals and hundreds of doctor’s offices offering world-class care.

  • A variety of groceries within a few minutes’ drive.

  • 5 minutes from the Tennessee River and a TVA-managed boat launch.

  • 10 minutes from Federally managed mountain bike trails and paved walkways.

  • 8 minutes from the 13-mile long Tennessee Riverwalk.

  • A few minutes from hiking trails in thousands of acres of protected forest (much of which is practically wilderness) along the beautiful Grand Canyon of the Tennessee.

Oh- and there’s a nationally recognized championship golf course, private club dining, three swimming pools, soccer field, dog park, and a fitness center in the center of the community.

What will you do with all that time?

Doug Stein is one of the Founders of Black Creek Club and the person responsible for its architectural vision as a modern iteration of a classic Raynor/Macdonald golf course. For much of his career he ran Stein Construction Company, Chattanooga’s oldest general contractor.

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